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October 12, 2013
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           Anaseutasya slowly slithered through the entrance of her tomb, head lowered and tears streaming down her cheeks. Small dark circles hung from the bottoms of her watery baby-blue eyes, and new crooked scars decorated her arms, abdomen, and tail. Her expression was quite sorrowful, hinting that she was nowhere near smiling.
The female general collapsed into her throne and sighs. She had wished she could just sulk in her bed all day, but she could not, for her tribe was what needed to be looked after. 

        The second in command, Sholto, crept in and stood beside Anaseutasya's side, softly stroking her arm. "My lady, what seems to be bothering you?" he says in a concerning tone.

        Anaseutasya looks up at him and huffs. "Nothing. Nothing at all..." 

        "It doesn't appear to be nothing." Sholto crosses his arms.

        "Oh fine-" Anaseutasya sighs. "It's about yesterday, when I saw Fangtom. Of course, you remember he admitted to loving me. I just couldn't believe that someone from another tribe who was quite brave told me that."

        "Well, Asya, he does speak the truth." Sholto rolls his eyes. "You are indeed quite beautiful, and deserve to find love."

        Anaseutasya shot Sholto a look that could've just seen right into his soul. "I do not intend to ever hear those words again, empty-minded one!" she growls. "Do you understand or not?!"

        "Indeed, I do understand, my leader." Sholto gives a slight bow.

        Out of nowhere, Anaseutasya bursts into tears of despair and lays over to the right side of her throne, burying her head. "Okay! Fine, I admit it! I-I... love Fangtom back!"

        Sholto stood back and gave a slight gasp. "You... what?!"

        "I love Fangtom back, okay?! I missed him all these years, and received the gift of him coming back to see me once again!" Anaseutasya sobs. "On the outside, I may have seemed quite angry, but on the inside, my heart was jumping with joyful spirit! I had the forceful urge to smile and hug him, but my outer more aggressive self held all that back. So here I am, sobbing like a weakling about it!"

        "My lady, I... don't know what to say..." Sholto shakes and lowers his head.

        "You... don't have to say anything." the lady general sniffs. "And- and... if you also want me to admit something about why I'm uncomfortable around Serpentine children, I have my reason for that as well."

        The now mind-screwed warrior stood and continued shaking. "And w-what would that b-"

        "It's because I was raped!!" Anaseutasya whips around, her face and eyes now stained with tears. "Three months ago, life was all well, and going the way it was supposed to for me. And out of nowhere, one of my useless warriors just had to come inside my room and express his love for me in a harsh way!"

        "You were what?!" Sholto growls. "My, my, when I get my claws on that bloody freak who touched you in such a way, I'm going to-"

        "Sholto, you must not worry about that now." Asya huffs. "I killed the warrior as punishment. I wouldn't let the others know the real reason, so I said he had ignored every one of my rules and had gone against our tribe."

        Sholto sat down and wraps his arms around his knees, then nods, showing his understanding. "Alright then..."

        Anaseutasya stared down at her now slightly distended stomach. "And now, every time I see a child, I think of that awful incident... and when those two mix, I think of the child I'm holding inside of me."

        "Wait, you're having a baby?!" Sholto jolts up.

        "Hush warrior!" the female general holds a finger to her mouth. "Or... on second thought, tell everybody. Spread the word. I don't care what anybody says or thinks, just go and tell someone!"
Sholto gives a quick nod, bows, and runs into another part of the tomb, leaving Anaseutasya alone. Or alone is what she thought.
Fangtom peeks around the edge of the doorway and directs his attention at the still sobbing female. He reveals his entire appearance and slowly slithers over to Anaseutasya.

        She looks up, immediately snapping into a surprised expression. "Wha- you?!" she shouts. Fangtom hadn't said a word and stopped midway on his way over to her. 
        "What are you doing in my tomb again?"

        Fangtom cringes and lets out a small whimper, then suddenly rushes over to Asya. He then wraps her arms around her, holding her close to him and giving nuzzles to her neck and cheeks. Staring into her eyes, he leans in for a kiss. A long kiss, lasting over a few seconds. 
        Anaseutasya was stunned. "Why- why did you do that? How much of that did you hear?"

        Fangtom finally speaks. "I did that because I love you. I love you more than anything I've ever had in my possession." he smiles and blushes. "Also, I heard pretty much all of that... heh~"

        "So... you know I love you as well, and that I'm having a baby..." Anaseutasya rests her head on his shoulder.

        "Yes, I do." Fangtom chuckles and gently squeezes her sides. He then holds her right hand up to his left head's mouth and softly kisses it.

        Anseutasya lets out a slight giggle. Fangtom nuzzles her. The two stood in the open room for awhile, showing proper affection for each other, yet wondering what is to go on next. 

        "I suppose now... I see that I can at least get along with a Fangpyre." Anaseutasya smiles.

        Fangtom chuckles. "Obviously~"

~Admitting~by The-Veiled-Android

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Fantasy / Short Stories©2013-2014 The-Veiled-Android
Well, I believe this is the rest you should know about Anaseutasya-
She loves Fangtom back, and she is having a baby... which all started out as a secret.

Why... just why did I write this? IT'S NOT GOOD!!
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Mairi? Where are you....I miss you
The-Veiled-Android Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Is it what?
i think it was implied
The-Veiled-Android Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay then.
The-Veiled-Android Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
lonelynightrain Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, great...  Here we go again with the baby boom. ;)
The-Veiled-Android Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yup~ :meow:
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